Advancing sustainable economic growth for a prosperous future for all

Climate change is the biggest threat that modern humans have ever faced, but we have yet to implement the solutions needed to both mitigate and reverse its effects.

We see the climate crisis as an opportunity for business and innovators to meet this great challenge, which can be compared to the industrial revolution.

The world needs systems-based solutions –  and it needs them now.

To help achieve that we’re building a world-class network of business leaders, scientists, academics, and policymakers to collaborate and confront this monumental task

Our CGLN news, posts and research from our academic and research community are free to view. If you would like to participate in our conversation and contribute to this change, find out more about joining the CGLN network.

The CGLN is committed to economic growth for all whilst substantially reducing carbon emissions – clean growth!

The What

The CGLN was founded by Sir Dave King, Lord David Triesman, Lord Des Browne and Martin Bellamy.

The Network is independent, private and not-for-profit. It provides a platform for academic and scientific innovators to connect with business leaders, financiers and policy-makers to generate solutions that tackle the climate emergency while growing our economy.


The Why

Beyond the health impacts, the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us two further lessons. First, the importance of building back a sustainable and resilient economy and second, that fast-paced results can be achieved with collaboration across society and across borders.

Solving climate change demands a similar approach. The scale of the damaging environmental impact that our present way of life and economic activity is having on our planet becomes clearer every day. Like the pandemic, the climate crisis already is affecting all aspects of our lives. Consequently, we need to find systems-based solutions to the challenges it poses– and we need to find them now.

We have identified the key sectors that are imperative to confronting the grand challenge and are building a world-class network to facilitate the transformation of thinking into pragmatic action.

The CGLN is committed to creating a sustainable world through opportunities of economic growth. Our platform connects innovation to those who can bring ideas to fruition.

In this way, the Network will help facilitate the transition of thought into action, helping to build both a stronger economy and a healthier planet.

This is the Greatest Challenge of all.

The How

The Network is the platform to:

  • Bring innovative ideas to fruition
  • Connect businesses, innovators and financiers to work with scientists and academics to help solve the greatest challenge of all
  • Help direct capital towards clean growth innovations
  • Debate and shape policy needed to accelerate clean growth

Our Values

  • Promote innovation and clean-tech solutions
  • Champion the transition to a clean economy by leveraging the knowledge of our Fellows, Partners and Members
  • Encourage contribution of ideas and knowledge across multiple clean growth sectors
  • Influence governments on a wide variety of topics linked to the transition to a clean economy
  • Share cross-sector information and ideas, free for all to view
  • Provide a joined-up approach for all who are pursuing clean growth and striving to meet net-zero

How does the network work?

The network comprises Founders, Fellows, Partners and Members. We are all united by our commitment to transform to a global clean economy, demonstrating leadership and being part of the solution.

We also believe our expert insights should be available to all. The CGLN media platform containing news, research, reports, policies, and a multimedia channel is free to view.

We each have an influential role to play dependent on where our expertise lies:

  • Distributing cutting-edge research and news
  • Sharing knowledge, views and experiences
  • Participating in live debates and discussions
  • Contributing new initiatives and solutions
  • Promoting and endorsing credible solutions
  • Supporting position papers
  • Shaping and contributing to policy change


Our supporters are actively involved in clean growth activities providing research and reports in the sector. As leaders in the field, partners share this knowledge amongst like-minded peers and collaborate to advance initiatives and better solutions.



Our fellows draw on a range of knowledge from political, diplomatic, public service and business spheres. Their individual networks are extensive, and they are highly influential in their areas.

See our fellows


Our members include major corporations, SMEs, NGOs, academic institutions, students, entrepreneurs who are passionate about clean growth and seeking to contribute to a more sustainable economy. These organisations are likely to be developing products or services in the clean growth space and/or are thought-leaders looking to lead others/organisations on a clean growth journey.


Our History

The Clean Growth Leadership Network (CGLN) was established in 2021 by pragmatists, Martin Bellamy, Lord Browne of Ladyton, Lord Triesman and Sir Dave King and headquartered in London, UK.

Meet the founders