CGLN Conversations: the impacts of the Ukraine conflict on agriculture

30th April 2022
< 1 MIN


On 21st April,  Laetitia Pancrazi, the CGLN youth advisory council member for agriculture, convened a conversation with CGLN Fellow Professor David Barling to discuss the implications of the conflict in Ukraine on food systems.

The conversation focused on the importance of the international political food economy, and the effect that supply chain problems with staple food products and necessary fertilizers has on the global food supply.

Wheat and sunflower oil are relied upon globally, particularly in high-density areas with poorer populations. Moreover, fertilizers are a necessity in our current mode of production for growth of our plant products, and the fact that key fertilising ingredients such as hot ash and prosperous are mined in Belarus and Russia is resulting in fertilizer prices having being increased fivefold in the UK.

Laetitia and Professor Barling discussed possible short-term and long-term solutions, including the use of subsidies, changes to energy supply systems, better worldwide food reserve information and changes to farming systems and food consumption behaviour.

Watch the full interview here.

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