CGLN – Powering the future: Lithium-ion batteries

1st September 2021

The clean growth leadership network has produced its first in-house report 'Powering the future: Lithium-ion batteries', generated from the contributions of the speakers from our inaugural webinar held in July.


The clean growth leadership network is proud to announce the production of its first in-house report ‘Powering the future: lithium-ion batteries’, the report was informed by panelists and attendee contributions at our inaugural webinar on 20th July and the House of Lord’s Science and Technology Committee’s report: ‘Battery Strategy goes flat: Net-zero target at risk’, published on 27th July, a week after our webinar.


The panelists from the webinar Sir David King, Pam Thomas (CEO of the Faraday Institution) and Martin Wood (Automotive Team at UK Department for International Trade) led by Lord Triesman discussed what the future holds for lithium-ion batteries in the UK and what the industry needs to do better to support the EV market and energy storage market. CGLN’s discussions on lithium-ion batteries will continue with future events, register for our membership to hear about these events first.


Read our report in full here.