Chapter Zero works with the Financial Times to launch NetZero campaign ahead of COP26

19th August 2021


To tackle climate change every business needs a net zero plan


Every company needs to act now if we are to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change. Consequently, each board of directors has a vital role to play in making sure that each business has a plan, and that this plan sits centrally within corporate strategy and capital investment decisions.

At Chapter Zero we’re committed to helping non-executive directors (NEDs) in the UK to identify the risks and opportunities associated with climate change for their businesses and supporting them with free curated content and events to build their competence in this area. NEDs outnumber Executive Directors on UK boards and it is vital that they play their full part in ensuring that early and proportionate action is taken in the boardroom.

Fortunately, we’re already on our way and feedback from Chapter Zero’s growing NED membership indicates that the conversation in the boardroom has made substantial progress in the majority of cases. It’s no longer a question of whether addressing climate risk is important, or why this should matter to us. Rather, NEDs are now much more focused on the practicalities. How do we do this? How far do we go? How do we measure progress?

Our FT advertisement series highlights the role of the board in making this happen

In the run-up to COP26, we’re running a series of full-page adverts in the Financial Times to shine a spotlight on the influence good boards can have on UK businesses establishing realistic, and measurable, paths to net zero emissions.

Collaboration will be essential to deliver net zero and we must start working together, to leverage and share best practice as rapidly as possible, within the business community and take inspiration from elsewhere too. The Clean Growth Leadership Network sits alongside the efforts of corporate boards by convening a world-class network of business leaders, scientists, academics and policy makers to address what is probably humanity’s greatest challenge yet.

Chapter Zero’s collaboration with the FT is an example of this new spirit. The advertising spaces have been donated by the Financial Times as part of a New Agenda Partnership, following the launch of their Climate Capital Hub.

Throughout 2021 we’re working with some of the UK’s most recognisable businesses across a broad range of sectors to showcase what they are doing to rise to this challenge. Using this series of advertisements, we are highlighting leading companies who have already announced net zero plans and highlighting their commitment to achieving them. Crucially, these plans are being driven by the board.

Watch out for the adverts in print editions of the FT between now and the vital COP26 climate negotiations in Glasgow in November. So far we have featured Legal & General GroupTescoDelphis Eco, SSESevern Trent and Unilever.

The text of these advertisements reads:

“To tackle climate change every business needs a net zero plan. Boards have a vital role to play in making that happen. At Chapter Zero we enable our community of non-executive directors to take this essential climate discussion into the boardroom. Join us:

If you would like to become a member of Chapter Zero, please sign up here.

Climate change knows no borders and, under the World Economic Forum Climate Governance Initiative, we have shared our experience of Chapter Zero with board colleagues around the world. A full list of international chapters is available here.

Dr Carol Bell

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