Julian Enoizi

CEO of Pool Re

Julian Enoizi is the CEO of Pool Re, the Government backed UK terrorism reinsurance mutual. He joined Pool Re in September 2013, with the mandate to bring a fresh perspective to a company that had changed little since its formation in 1993. Since then he has presided over the repositioning of the organisation and a series of significant advancements. These include the renegotiation of Pool Re’s relationship with HM Treasury, introduction of a more sophisticated underwriting proposition requiring an amendment to an Act of Parliament, the purchase of the world’s largest terrorism retrocession programme, the launch of the world’s first terrorism Catastrophe Bond and a significant investment into a partnership with the Home Office in respect of risk mitigation projects. In addition, Pool Re is recognised a central sponsor of thought leadership initiatives and international collaboration with similar national level terrorism (re)insurance arrangements. In 2018, John Glen, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, described Pool Re as being “widely recognised as the world’s leading terrorism pool” and in 2019, the company won Reinsurance Company of the Year Award.