How Big Business Is Taking the Lead on Climate Change

15th February 2022
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Harnessing Private Capital for the Public Good

Manufacturing all-electric Ford F-150 trucks in Dearborn, United States, September 2021 Rebecca Cook / Reuters

CGLN Fellow, Professor David Victor, has recently co-authored an article entitled ‘How Big Business if Taking the Lead on Climate Change: Harnessing Private Capital for the Public Good’.

In the piece, Professor Victor argues that the array of meetings in the margins of COP26 which may have been the biggest outcome of COP26, rather than the high-level diplomatic agreements. The business community is certainly no longer turning a blind eye to their role in tackling climate change – many are voluntarily developing plans and setting commitments to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

While technological innovation is a key element to solving the climate crisis, they outline that half of the technologies needed to adequately decarbonise our society by 2050 are not yet ready for commercial deployment. We need to build on the momentum of COP26 to bring solutions out of R&D and into deployment.

Read Professor Victor and Kassia Yanosek’s article here.

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