New Tools for Climate Repair: An Introduction for Engineers. Sir David King FRS.

22nd July 2020
< 1 MIN

Institution of Mechanical Engineers – IMechE

A Fresh Look at Humanity’s Greatest Ever Challenge. Sir David King FRS, former Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Prime Minister.

With the UK Parliament joining many other national governments and international institutions in declaring a climate emergency, new impetus has been given to radical approaches which aim to reverse the damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

The Technical Strategy Board of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers held a meeting at One Birdcage Walk, London on 11 September 2019, which aimed to introduce tools and technologies to repair the Earth’s climate and outline the potential role for engineers.

In particular, the meeting focused on Iron Salt Aerosol (ISA), a technique inspired by the Earth’s natural corrective mechanisms to stabilise its climate. The technology still requires open field trials, but many experts believe it to be the most promising method available to potentially reduce methane gas, brighten marine clouds and ultimately refreeze the polar ice caps.



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