Our Funding

CGLN is a non-profit organisation and relies on international backing via its Supporters.

Your support goes towards the following activities:

  • Connecting to and establishing relationships with Fellows and Partners
  • Monitoring, maintenance and bettering the CGLN website and Membership Portal
  • Enabling a continuous flow of high-quality events
  • Providing a digital audience with excellent visuals, videos, podcasts and editorial
  • Providing a fast and efficient Membership support service
  • In the future, investment for a physical CGLN hub
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Founding Partners

Individuals and organisations who wish play an active role in CGLN and show commitment to the clean growth transition are welcome to contact us to become a Founding Partner. Founding Partners gain enhanced benefits beyond standard membership benefits and are expected to engage more frequently with the network.

If you are interested in becoming a Supporter, please contact us.