Sir David King speaks to Kay Burley on Sky News

19th October 2021
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Speaking to Kay Burley on Sky News this morning, CGLN Founder Sir David King outlined his wish to see a comprehensive strategy on deep emission reductions, and that properly considered policy in creating a green economy.

Speaking to yesterday’s announcement by the UK Government of the introduction of a grant scheme for the replacement of domestic boilers with low-carbon replacements, such as heating pumps, Sir David King stated his concern that the voluntary nature of the scheme threatens its rollout. He went on to discuss other questions that need to be answered, such as what we are to do about our continued use of gas for electricity production and the need for an answer to replacing home insulation.

These are the sorts of issues that politicians need to deliver on. Sir David King spoke of his disappointment of politicians not delivering on their promises, using both the Green Climate Fund and the Paris Agreement as examples.

Rob Stevens

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