Youth Advisory Council

What is the Youth Advisory Council?

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is an appointed group of early career researchers working in the clean growth space. The Council exists to provide a platform for the ‘youth voice’ in the CGLN’s growing network. The CGLN has identified nine sectors which will be crucial to solving the climate crisis.

Why should you apply?

If you are a young voice in policy, academia, scientific research or business, working to tackle climate challenges in any of our sectors, then a position on the YAC could be for you.

Being a Council member gives you the opportunity to:

  • Network with leaders in the Clean Growth Space;
  • Participate in YAC meetings and working groups to exchange and test new ideas
  • Play a key role in selecting work to be published through the CGLN Network
  • Be a part of YAC activities such as writing commentaries to be published on the CGLN website and contributing to CGLN podcast episodes

An appointment to the YAC will provide a voluntary opportunity for you to network with senior decision-makers on public policy, business and research. You will be able to promote yourself as a young leader in the clean growth space, expand your Network and shape the debate within your sector.


What is required from a Youth Advisory Council Member:


The Youth Advisory Council will use their specialist knowledge to help the CGLN to shape the debate in their sector. This will predominantly be through the selection of submitted content to publish on the Network’s website.

In addition, each member of the YAC will have the opportunity to publish short papers which draw the Network’s attention to key developments and innovative thinking in their sector.

The entirety of the YAC will meet on a bi-annual basis to exchange ideas on clean growth, meet with key members of the Network and feed into the development of the CGLN.

We are looking for council members who are keen to actively engage with the work of the Network.


For more information on the Youth Advisory Council download our brochure. if you have any queries please contact us.

Download Brochure

Applications have now closed, the CGLN team will be reaching out to the entrants to find the top representative for each of our clean growths sectors.